Sunny Edwards Net Worth: Financial Success in the Boxing World

As of 2024, British professional boxer Sunny Edwards has an estimated net worth of $6 million, largely due to his successful boxing career.

He earns approximately $400,000 per round, although he has not publicly confirmed his financial status.

According to IndieSport, Edwards has earned around £2 million over his boxing career and is among the highest-paid flyweight boxers.

Although the earnings from his 20 professional bouts are not entirely known, it was reported that he received £325,000 for defending his world championship against Felix Alvarado in November 2022.


Notable fights that contributed significantly to his earnings

Sunny Edwards vs. Moruti Mthalane (IBF Flyweight Title) – April 30, 2021:

In a highly anticipated bout, Sunny Edwards challenged reigning IBF flyweight champion Moruti Mthalane, who was on a remarkable sixteen-fight winning streak while defending his title.

This victory was a pivotal moment in Edwards’ career, showcasing his skill and determination, and reportedly earned him a personal record of $350,000.

Sunny Edwards vs. Felix Alvarado (WBO Flyweight Title Defense):

Edwards defended his WBO flyweight title against Felix Alvarado in another significant bout.

While the exact earnings from this fight are not specified, it was another important match that added to his overall income.

Sunny Edwards vs. Andres Campos (IBF World Flyweight Title Defense) – Scheduled for June 6, 2023:

Edwards is set to face Andres Campos in a title defense. Although the specific earnings for this fight are yet to be determined, it is expected to substantially contribute to his career earnings.

In total, Sunny Edwards’ career earnings inside the ring amount to approximately £2.5 million.

His success in the flyweight division has made him one of the highest-paid fighters at 112 pounds.

Keep an eye on his future fights as they continue to shape his financial standing in the boxing world.

Name Sunny Edwards
Net Worth (2024) $6 Million
Profession British professional boxer
Monthly Income $45,000 +
Yearly Income $0.4 Million +
Divisions Flyweight, Super flyweight
Last Updated 2024

Sources of Income

Boxing Payouts:

Edwards earns money primarily through fight purses, which are the guaranteed payments he receives for participating in professional boxing matches.

These purses vary depending on the bout’s significance, his opponent, and the event’s promotional scale.

Besides the base purse, Edwards can earn additional bonuses for exceptional performance, such as winning title fights, achieving specific milestones, or delivering particularly memorable performances.

These bonuses can come from promoters or sponsors looking to incentivize high-level competition.

This financial structure ensures that top boxers like Edwards are well-compensated for their skills and the entertainment they provide, further boosting their earnings.

Pay-Per-View (PPV) Sales:

During high-profile fights, Edwards also earns income through pay-per-view (PPV) events.

Promoters heavily market these events, attracting large audiences eager to pay to watch the bout live.

PPV sales can significantly boost a boxer’s earnings, especially in major championship bouts.

Promoters and boxers often split the PPV revenue, with top fighters like Edwards receiving a substantial portion due to their star power.

The more viewers purchase the fight, the higher the earnings, making PPV events a lucrative income source for prominent boxers.

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Sponsorships and Endorsements:

Sunny Edwards likely benefits from various sponsorships and endorsements, providing an additional income stream beyond his fight earnings.

These deals are typically with brands, sports companies, or other organizations seeking to leverage his popularity and success.

Sponsors provide financial support in exchange for Edwards promoting their products or services, whether through advertisements, social media posts, or public appearances.

His success in the ring and growing fanbase make him an attractive partner for such deals, allowing him to secure lucrative sponsorships.

These endorsements not only supplement his income but also enhance his marketability and public profile.


In conclusion, Sunny Edwards’ net worth is a testament to his success in boxing.

Through a combination of fight purses, pay-per-view sales, and sponsorship deals, he has amassed a significant financial portfolio.

As he continues to excel in the sport, Edwards remains a promising talent with a bright future ahead.

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