Andy Ruiz Jr. Net Worth: From Rags to Riches

Andy Ruiz Jr.’s Net Worth is estimated to be $12 Million. 

Andy Ruiz Jr. is an American professional boxer who rose to fame after winning the WBA, IBF, and WBO heavyweight championships in 2019.

He has been praised for his unique style of boxing and his resilience.

Having come from humble beginnings in California to become one of the world’s most successful heavyweight champions.

His personal life has also garnered much attention, with stories about his family life and his net worth constantly making headlines.

Andy Jr.Net WORTH


Early Career and Financial Gains

Ruiz made his professional debut with a win against Miguel Ramirez in March 2009.

He gradually built his reputation in the heavyweight division.

Clinching the vacant WBO Inter-Continental heavyweight title in July 2013 and the NABF heavyweight title later that year.

Despite a loss to Joseph Parker in December 2016, Ruiz maintained a commendable track record, paving the way for future success.

The Game-Changing Win and Financial Bonanza

Ruiz’s financial trajectory took a significant turn with his unexpected triumph over Anthony Joshua.

Before this fight, his boxing earnings totaled just over $300,000.

However, his victory against Joshua not only secured him the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO,

IBO heavyweight titles but also a substantial payday of $7 million, inclusive of pay-per-view revenue and a win bonus.

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Net Worth Surge and Lifestyle Transformation

As of April 2024, Andy Ruiz Jr.’s net worth stands at an estimated $12 million.

Marking a substantial increase from his pre-Joshua fight net worth of $770,000.

The triumph and subsequent rematch against Joshua, which guaranteed him $9 million before factoring in pay-per-view earnings.

Merchandise sales, and endorsements, have solidified his financial position.

Implications of Ruiz’s Financial Victory

Ruiz’s ascent from relative obscurity to heavyweight champion with a net worth of $12 million.

Underscores the lucrative potential of professional boxing for those who achieve significant victories.

His journey highlights the profound impact that a single event can have on an athlete’s earnings and public image.


Ruiz Jr. harbors a fervent passion for automobiles, boasting a collection of upscale vehicles:

A Mercedes G550 SUV, valued at approximately £96,275, renowned for its sturdy construction and 416 hp power.

His inaugural luxury vehicle, a Porsche Panamera 4s, holds sentimental value for him.

Post-victory against Joshua, he generously gifted a Mercedes G-Wagen to his spouse.

Allegedly, he splurged roughly $1 million on opulent cars during his tenure as the world heavyweight boxing champion including:

Rolls-Royces, G-Wagons, and a Lamborghini SUV2.


Ruiz Jr. acquired a lavish mansion priced at a staggering £5.36 million, featuring amenities like a treehouse, a swimming pool, and a garden fountain.

Although the precise location remains undisclosed, speculation places it in California.

Apart from his personal abode, he and his father are collaborating on the construction of 26 houses in their hometown.

A venture aimed at community development and expanding their real estate investments.

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